About Us

By Survivors For Survivors.

The current pandemic, the cost on human lives, and the never-ending lockdown mean that we have entered uncharted waters. But survival has always been one of our strongest instincts.

Surviving a deadly disease like COVID-19 is a challenge that completely changes someone’s life.

Having fought illness battles ourselves, we understand firsthand how it feels to struggle every day to beat the odds and survive. That is why we decided to use our creativity and help all those who share similar experiences.

We Are #SurvivorsTogether!

At Survivor Bands, we make simple things like wristbands and t-shirts with a mission to support a greater cause.

With every purchase, a part of the money is donated to fatal illnesses research!

Our goal is to support those who survived deadly illnesses like us and those who continue to fight them.

Join Our Survivor Movement!

We wish to join all our forces and use Survivor Bands as a vehicle to make an impact and create a strong community that stands in unity against all deadly illnesses!