Shopping in 2020: Survivorbands is donating to coronavirus relief efforts.

Shopping in 2020: Survivorbands is donating to coronavirus relief efforts.

It’s no doubt been a tough few months as covid 19 in 2020 decided to kick us in the nuts. and at times it could be overwhelming. Doesn’t matter what you’re dealing with, maybe it's sickness at the moment, dealing with social distancing and not having to visit friends and family, and getting used to working from home for the first time, it really is not easy, We all want to get back to something close to normal. Finding a vaccine for covid 19 will see to it that things slowly but surely return to normal.

Do you want to help, well yes, there’s a way to do that from just shopping at home.

The coronavirus crisis has affected millions of businesses all over the world, small and big businesses, some have been forced to close while others are still trying to hang on, and pull through till the end of the crisis. E-commerce businesses are no exception. is one of the many e-commerce businesses that felt the impact of the virus on their businesses and have decided to do something to help in bringing the crisis to an end.

They made the decision to donate a certain percentage of their profits to covid 19 research centers, to help researchers in the little way they can to more quickly find a solution.

While the government has been struggling to also administer tests and get enough supplies for health care workers to carry out tests with, this organization has directly brought resources to the front lines, donating proceeds of their business to research centers.

More about Survivor Bands

The current pandemic, the cost on human lives, and the never-ending lockdown mean that we have entered uncharted waters. But survival has always been one of our strongest instincts.

Surviving a deadly disease like COVID-19 is a challenge that completely changes someone’s life.

Having fought illness battles ourselves, Survivor Bands understand firsthand how it feels to struggle every day to beat the odds and survive. That is why they decided to use their creativity and help all those who share similar experiences.

At Survivor Bands, we make simple things like wristbands and t-shirts with a mission to support a greater cause.

With every purchase, a part of the money is donated to fatal illness research like covid19!

Our goal is to support those who survived deadly illnesses and those who continue to fight them.

We sell products like


Your December shopping may now include brands like that allocate a part of their sales to donate to coronavirus relief efforts and more organizations.

WHO since the beginning of the covid 19 pandemic has been work hard to bringing the world’s greatest scientists and global health professionals to work together to accelerate or speed up the research and development process of covid 19 vaccines and treatment plans, and also to develop new norms and standards that may be used to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and healthcare for the many affected.

The R&D Blueprint has been activated to accelerate diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics for this novel coronavirus. 

Other nonprofits on the Front Lines

If you’re in the mood to donate more, or you feel you want to do more, check out this other charity helping out covid19 relief.

Feeding America also has a Covid-19 Response Fund that is helping to ensure that food banks around the country can feed a lot of people that are presently in need including children.

Doctors Without Borders:  They’re sending help to heavy hit countries of the covid 19 to help strengthen infection control. Presently sending help to 70plus countries.

World Health Organization: WHO is trying its best to coordinate efforts around the world to help respond to already existing cases and prevent the further spread of the virus. Head over to who website to see where you can donate.

The Red Cross: not only monetary donations are required as the red cross is in high need of blood donations, so if you’re in a position that can help and you’re willing to do so, check them out.

World Central Kitchen: is helping to also delver chef-prepared meals to those who highly need it

Team Rubicon: is a veteran-based company that provides services like logistics, packaging, and distributing food especially during disasters and emergencies.

Half-Table Man Disaster Relief: has been working to feed those in need, including the Coast Guard in Staten Island and the elderly.

Vitamin Angels This is a nonprofit working to help malnourished or undernourished pregnant women and children at risk of malnutrition, right.

WHO reported cases of people fraudulently representing themselves as WHO or Covid 19 solidarity response fund, and are sending invoices asking for payments on behalf of the fund. So rather than risking being scammed, why don’t you do something you’ll both profit in, by purchasing apparel of any sort, survivor bands will take care of the donations for you.

Here’s how the donations are being used.

You might want to know your money is being used or where how or where your money is going to, well don’t be scared. The Donations that are being received goes towards funding some activities of the  Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan, that is:

  • Activities are put to help track the spread of the covid 19 viruses,
  • Ensuring that covid patients are getting appropriate care,
  • Buying and preparing essential supplies in the pandemic such as face masks, gloves, and protecting wear for most frontline workers.
  • Making sure efforts to develop vaccines, test, and treatments are accelerated
  • Creating guidance for the general public and health for particular groups on how to prevent the spread and some measures that need to be taken.

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